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Hey There, Science Teacher!

Hey There, Science Teacher!

Does this sound familiar?

You need more hands-on activities, but everything you find is either too complicated or too elementary?

You waste time searching for ideas, only to find  low-quality lessons that you just can't use. 

You’d like to increase engagement in the classroom, but not at the expense of your sanity.

You’re following a curriculum, but it feels like the same boring thing day after day?

If you can relate, then... 

...You're in the right place!

That's Why We Created The

Flying Colors Science 


Get unlimited access to 650+ effective science lessons.

Relax! Trust that your science lessons will be successful
every time.


Simplify your day with easy to implement activities.

Be confident that you can just download, print, and GO!


Effortlessly add rigor and spark critical thinking.

Provide opportunities for data analysis, CER, graphing, and other science skills.


Shake it up! Our activities increase student engagement.

Get fresh ideas you haven't seen anywhere else with our huge lesson variety.


Most importantly,  TAKE BACK YOUR TIME!

No more searching for lessons or reinventing the wheel. Everything you need is at your fingertips!


The Flying Colors Science Resource Library Includes:

NO PREP Activities

Provide lots of lightbulb moments with no supplies needed! Dive deeper into content with dynamic, engaging activities with no prep.

Informational Texts

Kids actually want to read¬†our content-based articles!¬†Each includes a corresponding worksheet. (Yes, including our popular ‚ÄúTop 10 List‚ÄĚ readings!)


Enjoy smooth sailing lab days! Clear, step-by-step instructions make our labs are a breeze to implement. And they only use easy to find, low-cost supplies!

CERs & Data Analysis

Spark critical thinking! Our CER activities, embedded graphing practice, and data analysis lessons improve science skills while reinforcing content.

Station Activities

Get them up and moving! These are a kid-favorite! Students visit stations - each different than the next - and respond to questions on a student sheet.


High-quality, no-fluff, print-and-go worksheets! Our worksheets provide efficient practice, additional reinforcement, and test review opportunities.


Grab-and-go content notes! Membership includes access to high-quality, NGSS-aligned PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations with student notes.


NGSS-based quizzes and tests are included for each topic. Our assessments are easy to copy and simple to correct. All projects include student-friendly rubrics.

Digital Activities

Go paperless! Membership includes access to digital Google Slides versions of worksheets, activities, articles, and presentations.

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What Current Flying Colors Science Members Are Saying:

 Your lessons provide challenge and rigor for students because most of the question and activities are application-based. I’m also always impressed by how they’re laid out and easy to understand for teachers and students! Thank you for this!

- Judy O.

I love that Flying Colors lessons are always relevant and have lots of real-life connections. Students are way more engaged with this type of format than things I have found elsewhere. I’m so grateful for the time you save me and my students’ enjoyment is a sweet bonus.

- Martin M.

These are wonderful resources! I sincerely thank you for creating such a FABULOUS collection of lessons! I've found everything to be not only a huge time-saver for me but also very meaningful for student learning. 

- Jennifer C.

AMAZING. Worth every penny. All the lessons are easy to prep, high interest, and not too babyish or too difficult for my 8th graders. Thank you for putting together resources so engaging AND rigorous. Love it!

- Emma P.

This lesson library is awesome! I needed materials that were more aligned than what my (boring) textbook was presenting and this does not disappoint! I find it very easy to get what I need and go. Very pleased.

- Amy D.

The materials in the membership are far better to anything else I've found. Everything is so well thought out. The activities have been very easy into my 7th and 8th grade classroom. This subscription has been a great purchase for me.

- Steve M.


It's so easy to implement these resources, and they always go well in my classroom! I know that I can just download the resources and use them as is. 

- Julia Whalen, 8th Grade Science (Year 3)


The Flying Colors Science membership is a very, very smart investment. You will not regret it! I cannot say enough positive things!

- Jessica Glasco, Middle School Science  (Year 17)

Get UNLIMITED access to science materials you can TRUST to be easy-to-implement and ENGAGING for kids!

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  • Informational Texts
  • Station Activities
  • Content-Based Sub Plans
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  • CER & Data Analysis Activities
  • Digital Activities
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  • NGSS Aligned Lesson Plans
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